About Us

Who We Are

Evana Network is a movement of pastors and churches who want to see God’s kingdom come through the power of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to see Jesus bring transformation to our local communities. We are evangelical Anabaptists who join with evangelical Anabaptist congregations, conferences and denominations to strengthen our witness.

City Flourish is an initiative of Evana Network that provides research and training for Christian community development. City Flourish focuses on impact evaluations, community mapping, consulting and education opportunities. We design innovative and empirically-sound research solutions for community development initiatives.

Together, City Flourish and Evana Network help churches and faith-based organizations know their communities inside and out, measure impact, and collaborate with Jesus’ redemptive work in the world.

What do Evana Network and City Flourish do?

We are a collaborative network and research center, walking with existing congregations, conferences and denominations to help make them stronger. Congregations, conferences and denominations can choose to directly contract with City Flourish for assessment and capacity-building tools. Evangelical Anabaptist congregations can receive these tools at discounted rates by choosing from a range of affiliation options with Evana. Either way, you will have the opportunity to access important resources to strengthen your leadership team, reach out to your surrounding community and lay the groundwork for flourishing in God’s kingdom.

How do Evana Network and City Flourish work with conferences?

All of this works together toward a Jesus-centered transformation of the world. Where needed, Evana Network will help organize independent local churches for credentialing and local oversight.