We’re an evangelical Anabaptist congregation! How does membership work?

Affiliate Membership and Partnership are ways the local church can connect.

Full Partnership - for congregations that have a theological affinity and a commitment to calling leaders that share that theological affinity. Full partners receive all Affiliate Membership benefits in addition to the following:

  • Covenant commitment for pastoral leaders and primary governance board.
  • Delegate eligibility and voting.
  • Provides optional credentialing and development of local oversight if needed.

Affiliate Membership – for congregations that have theological affinity with Evana

  • Covenant commitment for the congregation and when calling new leaders.
  • Receive the Vital Impact Assessment, Getting to Vital Huddle and Community Mapping without additional cost or at a discounted rate.
  • Discounted rates on other services.

City Flourish - for non-Anabaptist congregations with an interest in the utilizing Evana's core services in local mission efforts.